The RAISE System for Academic Integrity Education
Raising Academic Integrity Standards in Education

The RAISE System educates students about academic integrity and cheating. Students log on and access the training module. The entire module will take your students approximately 55 minutes to complete. They are tested and must view all sections and pass tests to successfully complete the module.
The RAISE system
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How does the RAISE system work?
Students progress through the 5 sections of the module. Students can work section by section, returning to the module after completing one or any number of sections, or they can complete the entire module at one time. At the end of each section students must pass a test to move to the next section. Tests are generated off a random data base of questions. Once the student reviews all the section materials and successfully completes the testing process, they have completed the module.

What topics are covered?
  • General Information
  • Unauthorized Collaboration
  • Technology
  • Plagiarism/Copyright
  • Decision-Making Guidelines
  • Testimonial from Dr. Gary W. Ewen, Colorado Christian University
  • Testimonial from Tess Gillis, Academic Integrity Officer, Stevenson University
  • Testimonial from Domanic Thomas, Director of Conduct and Community Standards, Portland State University
  • Testimonial from Testimonial from Roger McHaney, Ph.D., Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Kansas State University
  • Testimonial from Frederic 'Ric' Baker, Senior Associate Dean of Students, University of New Haven
What student dilemmas are reviewed in this module?
  • Lying to a professor
  • Getting feedback vs. having others edit work
  • Collaboration
  • Managing and responsibility for group work
  • Submitting class work to separate classes

Who are the contributing authors?
  • Teresa “Teddi” Fishman, Director, International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), Fellow, Rutland Institute for Ethics
  • Glenn A. Steinberg, Co-Coordinator of Classical Studies, Associate Professor of English, The College of New Jersey
  • Dennis Gregory, Associate Professor of Higher Education, Old Dominion University
  • Ron Hicks, Assistant Dean, Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities, Educational Outreach and Student Services, Arizona State University
  • David McKelfresh, Executive Director of Assessment and Research/Program Chair, Student Affairs in Higher Education Graduate Program, Colorado State University
Research Summary and Findings by Paul Cronan, Professor of Information Systems, University of Arkansas

How can I use the service on my campus?
  • At home use by students during summer prior to arrival to campus
  • Use by freshmen year experience programs during first year experience classes
  • At home use by orientation programs prior to students coming to campus
  • As a training program for students during on campus orientation
  • Off-campus use by international students over the summer
  • Use by academic advisors
  • As an assignment by faculty during the start of a class
  • For responsive use if needed

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